When it comes to “writing it down”, some people are unclear about the difference between dreams, goals, action plans and “to-do” lists. This will help you clarify.  

Where Paper & Passion Meet!  

You have a greater chance of success when you write something down. Anything you accomplish on your lists can be considered a goal achieved.

Every Goal Matters…no matter how large or small. Success is a cumulative effect!

Dreams List: a generous list of what you would do with your life if you had unlimited time, talent, capability and money.

Example – sky dive, travel to every continent, etc

Goals List: a list of the specific results you want to accomplish with a set deadline.

Example –income of $100,000 in 2011

Values List: a list of your beliefs and what you perceive as most important in your relationships, spiritual life, concepts, and feelings.

Example – spend evenings with my children

Action Plans: a list of the steps that must be completed to accomplish each of your goals. You create one separate action plan for each goal on your list.

Example – first step to increasing my income is to find a part time job

To-Do List: a prioritized list of all the individual activities that you intend to accomplish during the day, week or month.  The priorities determine the activities you focus on.