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Posted by on in Blog - Goal Matters
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Transformations Through Goal Setting

The old adage goes, “The only thing constant in this world is change.”


Change is inevitable. People change. Weather changes. Car models change. Gadgets’ features change. Even our likes and dislikes change. Some changes are beyond our control. Others are within our control.


For the past few decades, companies have adapted the idea of flashing their mission and vision in their brochures and websites. And why not? They are the very core of the company’s being. Change the mission and vision, you change the company, you transform the company into something different. Transformations happen through the changes in the mission and vision which are actually the standard formal terms used for the company’s general goals.

When people come up with an idea for a business, the thought of financial success comes to mind. Then, they put up a company. They do not, however, write anything about financial incomes in their mission and vision. Why should they? No company would want to have the image of being all about money. It is not good for business. And when they learn that that is their image, or anything equivalent to its negative effect on the public, they immediately make some transformations through goal setting.

Transformations can be intentional or accidental. In the setting of goals, we have the idea that they will lead to a certain image and outcome that are best for the company. Sometimes, however, the results are way different from what we have expected. The difference may be good or bad. In either case, we analyze what have gone well or wrong. Then, we either enhance it or change it. Enhancements or changes, again, lead to transformations which may be subtle or abrupt depending on the level of aggressiveness of the company. Then, re-evaluations, analyses, and enhancements or changes are done. It is a cycle. It goes on continuously.

Transformations should start from within. From products and/or services, employees and executives, to the affiliates like advertising people, their transformations must be synchronized. Most companies, especially the established ones, have their regular corporate conferences. This is the time of their fiscal year to have a check and balance of all the departments involved in the running of the business. It is also a chance to review current goals or set different goals, if needed. Everyone should know of any changes in the company’s set of goals because all should be in line with whatever transformations it goes through.

Change the goals and you change the outlook and general attitude of the workforce of the company. Change the goals and you change the ambience of the workplace. The working men and women go and should go with the transformations of the company. Then, the whole aura of the business is changed, transformed into something different.

In many instances, a mere change in the company logo brings about a new appeal to the target customers. When people notice the change, they try to find out what else could be new in the company. They look for other transformations. It is like a change in one’s hairstyle which triggers an interesting conversation.

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