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GoalFriends products are designed to help you in your goal setting journey.

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GoalFriends Products

GoalŸosŸophy® the Book

The book, to be published Fall 2014, features unique goal setting concepts to promote having fun while realizing your dreams and celebrating your successes. The language of goals all in one...

Sales price: $14.95

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The GoalŸy Grail Pen

Your GoalŸy Grail puts the power of goal setting right at your fingertips.

Sales price: $9.95

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GoalFriends First-Year Workbook

This essential workbook will guide you through your first year of participation in your GoalFriends group.

Sales price: $49.95

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GoalFriends Journal

Every GoalFriend needs a journal to write down inspiration and goals as well as to take notes at each GoalFriends meeting.

Sales price: $19.95

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